Safia’s 5 Top Tips for Surviving Exams

With the exam season upon us, we asked several students who are currently revising to give us their tips for exam season. Here Safia, aged 15, gives her top 5 tips for surviving exams.

1. Start early

The early bird gets the worm! You’ll be a lot less stressed if you prepare in advance.

There’s nothing worse than getting to the exam and needing to pull an all-nighter because you weren’t prepared. Do a little bit of consistent revision every night rather than overloading yourself. You’re more likely to remember it if you’ve given your brain several chances to learn the information.

2. Take breaks every thirty minutes

Do some fun exercises or go for a walk every so often. A healthy body makes a healthy mind!

It’s important to rest your mind so you should periodically get away from the desk. If you have any other important tasks you should get them done for a change of scenery. Don’t sit in the same place for hours because you’ll feel demotivated and will probably get confused. Have a snack and water nearby as your brain needs food to work!

3. Plan a timetable

Make a clear timetable and stick it up in your study space – you’ll always know which task is next.

Organise yourself with a timetable so you know what you need to get done every night to achieve maximum productivity. Getting into a daily routine will definitely make your life easier and you can plan your freedom around your timetable so you can still play football or visit your friends’ houses.

4. Stay away from social media

Ask a parent to guard your phone so you’re not tempted; all of your friends are studying too so it’ll help everyone out!

It’s super easy to get distracted and lost in a sea of memes but it’s important to stay focused. Remember, it’s not long until your exams are over and you have the whole summer to do what you want. Perhaps turn your phone onto aeroplane mode for the time being. Don’t procrastinate now because it’ll all be worth it when you get those results!

5. And finally: don’t worry!

Meditation is a great way to relax and take time out.

It’s important to have faith in yourself. If you stress too much you’ll feel worse. You can only do your best! Remember to take care of yourself and take time out to relax. Do whatever floats your boat to make the most of your free time too! :).

We can all survive exams as long as we remember to take breaks and keep focused. These tips have kept me going so far so I hope they’ll also work for you. Good luck with your exams: we can do this!

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