Swoony YA Romance for Valentine’s Day

Looking for the perfect romantic read this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered with our top swoony YA recommendations, guaranteed to make your heart flutter.

The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

Every year, Isabel spends a perfect summer at her family friend’s house. There’s the swimming pool at night, the private stretch of sandy beach… and the two boys: Conrad and Jeremiah. Unavailable, aloof Conrad, who she’s been in love with forever. And friendly, relaxed Jeremiah, the only one who’s ever really paid her any attention. But this year something is different. They seem to have noticed her for the first time. It’s going to be an amazing summer – one she’ll never forget…

From the queen of YA romance, Jenny Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty is a touching and funny coming-of-age rom-com.

What a Desi Girl Wants

What a Desi Girl Wants by Sabina Khan

Mehar hasn’t been back to India since she was four. But when her father announces his engagement to socialite Naz, Mehar reluctantly agrees to return for the wedding. After all, her father is Indian royalty, and his home is a palace. While her father still doesn’t make the time for her, and she hates Naz and her social media influencer daughter, Mehar barely cares once she meets Sufiya, her grandmother’s assistant. Though they come from totally different worlds, their friendship slowly starts to blossom into something more…

The romance of Becky Albertalli meets the glam family dynamics of Crazy Rich Asians in What A Desi Girl Wants, from acclaimed author Sabina Khan.

The Half Life of Love (Working Title)

The Half-Life of Love by Brianna Bourne

Flint knows he will die at 16 so he’s never really tried to live. With 6 weeks left, he returns to his hometown with his family, determined to go quietly. Science-obsessed September interns at the world-renowned Half Life Institute. Chance brings the two together. A friendship – and then something more – starts to form…

This achingly beautiful romance will shatter your heart into a million pieces – and you’ll love every second.

I Hope This Doesn't Find You

I Hope This Doesn’t Find You by Ann Liang

Seventeen-year-old Sadie Wen is perfect on paper. The trick to keeping her model-student-smile plastered on her face at all times? She channels all her petty frustrations into her email drafts. But most of her vehemently-worded emails are for her smug, infuriating co-captain, Julius Gong, who’s been the sharpest thorn in her side ever since they were kids. Sadie never meant for these emails to get out – but now her whole life is about to change…

This gorgeously addictive story is perfect for fans of the classic academic-rivals-to-lovers trope.

Six Times We Almost Kissed (And One Time We Did)

Six Times We Almost Kissed (And One Time We Did) by Tess Sharpe

Six fun facts about PENNY and TATE:1. They’ve known each other their whole lives 2. Their moms are best friends 3. They are DEFINITELY NOT friends 4. They keep almost kissing 5. They don’t talk about it 6. Thanks to their moms, they’re moving in together… But when an almost-kiss goes from almost to I am now wearing your lip gloss, Penny and Tate have no choice but to finally face the music… right?

This utterly compelling will-they-won’t-they slow-burn queer romance is the latest hit from the author of The Girls I’ve Been.

A Season for Scandal

A Season for Scandal by Laura Wood

When Marigold finds her family business in trouble, a chance encounter with the devastatingly handsome and extremely bad-tempered Oliver Lockhart leads her to the Aviary – a secret agency of women who specialise in blackmailing troublesome men. Soon, Mari is the agency’s newest recruit, sent to investigate the mysterious return of Oliver’s long lost sister. Forced to masquerade as a newly engaged couple, it is up to Mari and Oliver to determine if there is an imposter in their midst. But what happens when the line between truth and fiction starts to blur? And what do you do when a pretend romance starts to feel all too real?

This smart, charming, and swooningly romantic story is the ultimate page-turner.

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