The Best Back-to-School Essentials

As you create your child’s back-to-school list and get them ready for September, making sure their bags hold the essentials will set them up for success in the long run.

With the right supplies, your child will be able to sit down and focus on their homework rather than trying to find what they need to complete tasks, which will help improve concentration, encourage self-esteem, and boost their desire to learn. They also have the added benefit of encouraging successful homework habits that will benefit them throughout their academic career.

Ensure that your child has everything they need for a happy school year with these essential items:

1. Stationery

Make sure your little learners go back to school with fun and exciting stationery so that they can stay organised and on track for success throughout the school year. Choose from our range of notebooks and journals featuring everything from Pokémon to unicorns – all perfect for jotting down notes and staying organised.

2. Backpack

Toting books and other supplies is a Monday­­­-through-Friday exercise, so a sturdy bag is an important investment. Look for a pack with a padded back to reduce pressure on their back, shoulders, and underarm regions. Opt for a bag with multiple compartments, too — they’ll hold items securely while better distributing weight. Finally, choose a backpack with reflective material so your child is more visible to drivers after dark.

3. Downtime Treats

Your child faces the transition from having all day to play in the sun to a full day of school followed by homework, so as long as they’re completing all their new assignments, treat them to something they can enjoy during downtime. Good picks include spending time together with some fantasy favourites, purchasing a new book set of a much-loved series, or doing some fun crafts.

5. Labels

Do not underestimate the importance of putting your child’s full name on everything! Sew personalised name labels into clothing, write their name on the inside of a backpack, or stick a label on a lunchbox. Whatever your choice, it will certainly lessen confusion if your child shares a name with a classmate or has a backpack similar to another child’s.

6. Lucky Charm

Sometimes a reminder of home can be incredibly helpful in transitioning a first-timer to the classroom environment. When you go school shopping together, pick out something that will fit in their bag, locker or classroom drawer like a keyring or a small toy. That way, your child can look at it and smile any time they need a boost throughout the day.

7. Practice Books

One way to make sure your child gets back into the swing of things is practice, practice, practice. If there was a particular subject they struggled with last year, pick out a book with five-minute activities that help build skills. Invest in fun workbooks and practice books that both sharpen their skills and engage their imagination with stories, puzzles, and more.

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