We Are Writers | Turn Your Pupils Into Published Authors

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We Are Writers is now closed

We Are Writers is a brilliant way to inspire children to write and offers them a unique opportunity to see their own writing, published in a real book.

We Are Writers

We Are Writers helps your school

When the final books come in, children are so proud of their achievements that every parent, grandparent and family member will want a copy!

Earning free books for your school

If you create a book to sell at your Scholastic Book Fair, the price to you is €8.00 per book and you will earn up to 60% commission on every copy sold to spend on a huge range of books and teacher resources.

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Every child can be an author!

Whether it’s a few words or a few pages, encourage as many pupils as possible to take part. Any form of writing is welcome, whether it’s a story, poem, non-fiction piece, autobiography or letter – it’s up to you.

It’s FREE to take part!

We Are Writers is a free service and we provide a free sample copy to check for mistakes and a free final copy for your school library. Postage and packaging are also free.


If your child’s school is running a We Are Writers project, you have the chance to buy a real book containing a piece of writing by your child! Why not get involved too?

Contact us

If you are interested in finding out more about producing a We Are Writers book with your Book Fair, call us on 1800 272 321 or email bookfairs@scholastic.ie